Deluxe Avant-Premiere

The “Coronación” début screening was held on April 24th at Santiago's luxurious Municipal Theater. Traditionally home to fine arts performances like classical concerts, operas and ballet, the theater opened its doors for the first time in its history to the seventh art: cinematography. Some of Chile's most distinguished public figures attended this dazziling event, including President Ricardo Lagos Escobar and his wife, and important representatives of the Chilean Cultural scene.

Silvio Caiozzi with the mayor of Santiago and the Producer Abdullah Ommidvar

The President Ricardo Lagos and his wife meets with Julio Jung

Adela Secall

Silvio Caiozzi with the President of Chile Don Ricardo Lagos Escobar

A Success at The Box Office

"Coronación" starring Julio Jung, María Cánepa and Adela Secall, has benn preised by critics and moviegoers alike. Four months after its début, it is still showing in theaters and has been seen by over 90.000 spectators.


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