Chilean Press Raves

"If the word perfect were not so inappropriate for art, it would have to be used to describe this luscious film brought to us by Silvio Caiozzi. His CORONACION is a fine and percious jewel, distinguished by the Caiozzi-Donoso trademark."
Ana Josefa Silva. La Segunda newspaper, April 27

"CORONACION" deserves a place of honor among Chilean cinema's finest works."
Mariano Silva (National Television)

"...this is a Chilean début that cannot be missed... it is blessed with an excellent mise en scene and acting..."
María Inés Sáez (Channel 13)

"...this is Caiozzi's best work thanks to its complex developing and achievements. In his own screenplay, the filmmaker satisfactorily brings the story up to date... he is a meticulous perfectionist, and has proven himself a solid cinematographic narratorm whose strong points are a brillant technical mastery, meticulous settings and above all splendid acting. His cast is one of the most inspired and connected ever seen in a Chilean film."
Pedro Labra (Cosas Magazine)

"The filmmaker achieves a product full of contrasts; fast changes to slow and sad turns happy, without a glitch."
La Hora newspaper, April 27

"...when Caiozzi's film comes to an end, the scene of satisfaction definietely passes through the heart before reaching the palms of the hands."
Francisco Aravena. El Mercurio newspaper, April 24

"The scene with Jung and Vadell in the bathroom is a moment in Chilean cinema worthy of anthology."
Daniel Olave, La Tercera Internet newspapper

"Caiozzi's Coronación has raised the level of Chilean film. Extraordinary!"
Gladys Pinto (University of Chile Radio)


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