Byography of the Writer, José Donoso (1925-1996)

For some, anguish is an obsesion, while for others anguish is not having any bread to eat or having to make love on Sundays in a claring on Saint Christopher's Hill. The novel also reveals the decadence of the local aristocracy of the period, throught the eyes of a senile society lady whose death in approaching.

In 1963, Donoso received the William Faulkner prize for Coronación. Since then, the novel has been translated into ten languages, including Japanese and Swedish.

In 1990, four more prizes confirmed José Donoso's national and international stature: The Mondello Prize (Italy), Intar Prize (New York), Roger Caillois Prize (France) and the National Award for Literature (Chile). In 1992, Chile's Education Ministry organized an International Colloquium in honor of his 70th birthday.

The autor published two more books, El Lugar donde van a Morir los Elefantes, and Conjeturas sobre la memoria de mi tribu, before his death, 7 December 1996, in his home. He left 90 pages of a script for a Mexican television program unfinished.


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